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Sales Caller (Remote)

Updated: Oct 6, 2023

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Duties and Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

1. Use scripts to sell offerings, solicit donations or provide information about products or services.

2. Qualify leads over the phone and insert the respective information into a CRM system.

3. Coordinate customer appointments and make follow-up calls to remind customers of their bookings.

4. Resolve debts and make collection calls following detailed phone scripts.

5. Create, distribute and collect customer surveys, compiling the results in a datasheet report.

6. Address support tickets & troubleshoot issues according to customer support playbook and FAQ document.

7. Find prospective buyers according to client instructions and cultivate connections through email, social media and calls.

8. Ad hoc tasks

Schedule: US work hours (40+ hours per week)

Location: This is a remote job


  • High school graduate or of any certificate course

  • 1-2 years of sales experience and proven ability to meet and exceed sales quotas and successfully manage customer relationships

  • Excellent English communication skills both written and verbal

  • Excellent phone, email, and instant messaging communication skills

  • Solid organizational and time management skills

  • Able to work on a graveyard shift

  • Tech savvy & familiar with current technologies, like desktop sharing, cloud services, CRM and VoIP

  • Experience with word-processing software and spreadsheets (e.g., MS Office)

  • Knowledge of online calendars and scheduling (e.g., Google Calendar)

  • Proactive, confident with keen attention to details

Technical Requirements:

  • USB Headset with Noise Cancellation feature

  • Working Webcam

  • Main and backup computer: at least 1.8 GHz processor with at least 4GB RAM

  • Main Internet Service Speed: at least 25 Mbps wired connection

  • Backup Internet Service Speed: at least 10 Mbps


  • Job Security and Stability

  • Paid Training

  • Exceptionally Supportive Team

  • Opportunities for Career Growth

  • Fun Work Environment

  • Performance Incentives and many more

*Salary is based on experience and skills.

*Only qualified candidates will be invited to take the assessment & scheduled for the interview/s.

APPLY (Choose JOBS at top)


We are looking for an experienced Social Media Marketing Specialist who is well-versed in reaching out to potential leads/influencers/Instagram accounts for business growth and who is familiar with account scouting.

You will alleviate our client's day-to-day work by:

  • Scout for models on Instagram

  • Must be very good with Instagram and navigating it

  • Check out / reach out to high schools and colleges on Insta for potential models

  • Engage audience

  • Upload screenshots to Dropbox

As our Virtual Assistant, you will play a crucial role in supporting our founder in managing his diverse business ventures and personal endeavors. Some of your responsibilities will include:

  • Managing his email and calendar

  • Attending Zoom meetings, taking detailed notes, and converting these notes into actionable tasks

  • Assisting in managing social media accounts, including posting content and engaging with followers

  • Responding to direct messages and other communication promptly

  • Organizing and scheduling tasks and meetings based on designated time blocks

  • Assisting with tasks on Upwork

  • Managing Google Business and Yelp review comments

  • Developing and documenting processes and procedures

  • Ensuring our Founder stays focused, organized, and on track

What you'll be doing:

  • Bank, Credit Card, and Loan reconciliations

  • Journal Entry postings

  • Review of P&L Statements and Balance Sheets

  • Production of Monthly Financial Statements

  • Performance of Sales Tax and other Tax-Related Issues

  • Processing Accounts Receivable / Accounts Payable

  • Syncing data across multiple software applications to ensure accuracy

  • Historical clean-up projects (as needed)

  • Management of requests in a timely manner

  • Communicating with clients and/or teammates in a timely manner

Great Assistant (8 VA positions)


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Positions listed are those that I have personally researched to verify legitimacy and realities and/or have done the work myself and earned money. None of this is get rich quick or MLM. There are some affiliate links that can help others, or I for overhead costs. No obligations, just information.

The work from home realm is a subject of great interest to many. Embark with helping others on their own journeys of working from home.


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