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Get Started as a Retail/ Product Marketer

Updated: Aug 4, 2023

Hello & Welcome! Listed below is more about the positions and how to get started. Let's stay in touch and help us freelance entrepreneurs grow. All positions I post are researched, tried and true.

In-Depth Knowledge

🔸 No fees to start 🔸 ‘Free’ Inventory

Drop Ship with Wix Example

$11 to start.

Easy walk-thru to get you started.

Great products at great prices.

Product Marketing

On-hand Now - Example (affil. link)


Old Baby Clothes, New With Tag clothes, never worn (all kinds, popular brands are best, excellent conditions), Shoes, Handbags, Jewelry, DVDs, Books, Hand-made, etc. Can choose to invest in product.

PoshMark (affil. link) is a great place to sell your clothes you no longer wear or your kids’ clothes they have grown out of. Many items are new with tags and of good quality. Quick start at no cost. The site is very user-friendly. You gain followers very quickly, and it’s easy to become a PoshMark Ambassador.

I have already made a decent amount of money from this site. I was able to take and upload many pics in a relatively short period of time. My really good stuff went quick. Don't underprice your good stuff unless you need it to move fast.

Start Selling - PoshMark (affil. link)

View My - CLOSET (affil. link)

Let things run automatically - PoshMark Pro Tools

Start your own eCommerce shop or blog and write and sell products

Post in Facebook Marketplace and Groups

📿 Retail Shop 📿

Sell Your Crafts

PicMonkey - Create coloring books

Craftsy - Easy tutorial

Rachel Harrison Sund - (best) Create from scratch, free tools


PoshMark (affil. link) is another great platform to work from at $0 to start.

More than just a fashion site. Hand-made items are in the plenty.

Autoshare Tool - PoshMark Pro Tools (Desktop version $14.99/mo)

Not an autobot. Manually set to share your closet or find people to follow.

Send bulk discount offers at once. Easily stay engaged.

Etsy is a place to sell your hand-made crafts, fees apply.

Shopify - $29/mo.

Retail Marketer - Health & Beauty products, etc. (affil. link)

My cousin has found this company that sells clean quality and natural ingredient products.

✨ Health and wellness & beauty skin care products. ✨

See if you would be interested in trying some of the products first or if you would want to be on her team and sell some the products for extra income to travel or shop or even groceries. If you would like to try out the products before selling that is fine too. They are booming and growing fast and have ladies all over that also tried the products out first and loved the results. Now they sell the products at their boutiques. Try products or pay one-time fee of $29.95 to sell + a package. 6-min video - Weight Loss Stories


Take your professional-looking photos and upload them allowing for fair-use for a small, medium or large fee. This can be a side hustle or a full-time career in photography in many ways.

Create on Canva (affil. link) & upload to Pixabay & Fiverr (affil. link) Upload for free, fair use, for unlimited free downloads. 💵 Accept donations & affiliate earnings 💵

Can sell across platforms - Learn How START NOW


Backgrounds & Wallpapers and other images commonly used for social media posting, gain a following, help spread the news.

To sell digital photos online, you need to

  • Choose the photos you want to sell and decide how to deliver them (digital files, physical prints, subscriptions, etc.)

  • Create your own website or use a platform that allows you to sell your photos online, such as Adobe Stock, Shutterstock, Foap, Alamy, iStock Photo, Stocksy, or Getty Images.

  • Optimize your website or profile for search engines and social media, using keywords, tags, descriptions, and hashtags.

  • Set up back-end processes for inventory, payments, and orders.

  • Promote your images and attract customers.

HOW-TO (free)

Create on Canva (affil. link) & upload to Pixabay

Upload for free, fair use for free downloads. Accept donations & affiliate earnings

Fiverr - Start Here (affil. link) - market yourself for hire. No startup fee.

HOW-TO (paid)

Create account & upload

iStock - $29/mo - Top $$ for images

Work With Us | Getty Images - view fees, get top $$ for images

(takes a while for images to be approved or denied)

ShutterStock - Free trial - $29/mo - Top $$ for images


Become a member of Working Spectrum and earn points for rewards that get you discounted items & services. Even refer your friends with your own referral link. Earn 50 points for signing up & redeem at 100 points.

Redeem Now (no signup)

Use coupon code 25OFF and shop the 'free shipping' category.


Feel free to contact me at any time for questions, concerns or issues 🌻 Thank You & Happy Living 🌻



Positions listed are those that I have personally researched to verify legitimacy and realities and/or have done the work myself and earned money. None of this is get rich quick or MLM. There are some affiliate links that can help others, or I for overhead costs. No obligations, just information.

The work from home realm is a subject of great interest to many. Embark with helping others on their own journeys of working from home.

✨ Work from home business opportunities -- BE YOUR OWN BOSS



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