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Home-Based Business

Updated: Aug 4, 2023

(some links are affiliate links which earn commissions if any purchases are made through the link)

These earnings aid toward overhead expenses

No obligations, just information


  • Don't like to deal with employers and making more money for them?

  • Need to find something that works for you out of your home, specifically?

  • Become your own boss. Browse ideas below.

Admin/ Office

Get hired or hire

Are you good with social media, phone work, email marketing or other administrative duties? Build your profile on Upwork & Freelancer & VaVa Virtual Assistant & FlexJobs and browse many positions, many of which are work from home. Market yourself as a freelancer. Pay is negotiable, but don't sell yourself short. Beware of the scammers.

♦️ Avoid Scammers

An inspiring and creative blog to help you is Out And Beyond

🌻 Blogger 🌻

Start your own blog and earn money that makes part-time hours become your full-time income. Blog for fun or blog for funds.

I have found my favorite place, Wix, and you can start for $0 dollars. Everything is all in one place. You can upgrade for as little as $11/mo or pay by the year at $9/mo. The blog builder is very user-friendly and makes for little stress. Choose from many designs.

You may like the professional look of WordPress. I have insane difficulty figuring that out even with all of the training to find. If it's a no-brainer for you, I'd start with BlueHost (affil. link) for as little as $2.75/mo. for your 1st year for $36 total startup.

Of course, more money can easily be spent but is not completely necessary. I have tips and tricks to getting what you need with little or no money.

Upgrade now or later.

Get Started -

Tutorial Playlist - YouTube

The Blog Starter (affil. link) - Step-by-step instructions that get you running fast.

Referrals help us network and connect and earn a bit of money that helps with the cost and management of our blogs.

Learn to blog successfully - Rocket Content Example

Write about what you know & care about, and also add free inventory with Wix, drop-ship add-on.

Call Agent - hourly & onsite

Many cold-calling positions are easily available along with customer service. These may be hourly or per-project, fixed rate. You will work from home ONLY.

Sign up and search. Once your profile is complete, let me know. I'll recommend you to employers that will help boost you. Keep My Email

Upwork - Free SignUp

My Profile - HERE

On-site - Dial America (Toni Mansbridge (referral))

(Check for locations near you)

Driver - Get out of the house

Uber (affil. link) (2007 4-dr or newer) or Lyft (2010 4-dr or newer)

Get your insurance card and registration ready and off you go. Easy signup. Get a $50 bonus after your 1st 5 rides and then $150 after your next 10 rides. More earnings with UberX, but you can select to deliver packages, food, groceries or even do the shopping.

Signup with Upside & GasBuddy for your gas perks.

Make well over $16/hr + tips with Uber, plus promotions.

DoorDash or GrubHub (affil. link)

Work as little or as much as they allow. Fast signup and off you go. Earn 2% cashback when you buy gas anywhere using their Dasher Direct card. Cash out your cashback at any time straight to your account. Door Dash payday every Monday. Make anywhere from $10/hr to $15/hr or more. I made $56 in four hours my first day.

  • Dasher App can fail sometimes and cause stress getting orders delivered.

  • Dasher Direct card will deactivate if unused. Check app before using.

I do this on the side when I can.

My son goes with me when delivering food.

Fast money.

Digital Imaging (freelance)

Take your professional-looking photos and upload them allowing for fair-use for a small, medium or large fee. This can be a side hustle or a full-time career in photography in many ways.

To sell digital photos online, you need to

  • Choose the photos you want to sell and decide how to deliver them (digital files, physical prints, subscriptions, etc.)

  • Create wallpapers and commonly used images for downloading.

  • Create your own website or use a platform that allows you to sell your photos online, such as Adobe Stock, Shutterstock, Foap, Alamy, iStock Photo, Stocksy, or Getty Images.

  • Optimize your website or profile for search engines and social media, using keywords, tags, descriptions, and hashtags.

  • Set up back-end processes for inventory, payments, and orders.

  • Promote your images and attract customers.

HOW-TO (free)

Create on Canva (affil. link) & upload to Pixabay

Upload for free, fair use for free downloads. Accept donations & affiliate earnings

Display on a free Wix site or upgrade starting at $11/mo

Fiverr - Start Here (affil. link) - market yourself for hire. No startup fee.

Market to FB groups & marketplace along with what your site host offers

HOW-TO (paid)

Create account & upload

iStock - $29/mo - Top $ for images

Work With Us | Getty Images - view fees, get top $ for images.

(takes a while for images to be approved or denied)

ShutterStock - Free trial - $29/mo - Top $ for images.

Referral/ Affiliate Marketer

If you own your own blog or website, you can earn money from referring others in the work from home employment ideas and opportunities realm as well as other creative ways. 💫 You will need to have traffic to your site before you may be approved.

By offering links on my current blog and social media pages, I am able to earn money that helps with the overhead costs of running my businesses. You can earn by the click as well as from purchases made through your links. It’s nice to add that you are receiving the financial help from your referrals to help with keeping you up and running. Great networking community realm.

Find your niche.

(few of my links are affiliate active, approvals pending) View referrals below.


Market many businesses

Start your blog - Wix

Start your blog - WordPress - Learn from The Blog Starter (affil. link)

Referral (affil. links)

Market those you know and use. Gain referral link fast.

Check for referral links from your current accounts.

i.e. - BlueHost

i.e. - Canva

i.e. - Fiverr

i.e. - Freelancer

i.e. - GasBuddy

i.e. - GrubHub

i.e. - Jobber

i.e. - PoshMark

i.e. - Rakuten

i.e. - Telegram

i.e. - Uber

i.e. - Upside

i.e. - your mobile carrier

i.e. - Zoom

Retail Marketer - Health & Beauty products, etc. (affil. link)

My cousin has found this company that sells clean quality and natural ingredient products. Health and wellness & beauty skin care products.

See if you would be interested in trying some of the products first or if you would want to be on her team and sell some of the products for extra income to travel or shop or even groceries.

They are booming and growing fast and have ladies all over that also tried the products out first and loved the results. Now they sell the products at their boutiques. Try products or pay one-time fee of $29.95 to sell.

6-min video

👗 Retail/ Product 👗

On-hand & free online

PoshMark (affil. link) is a great place to sell your clothes you no longer wear or your kids’ clothes they have grown out of. Many items are new with tags and of good quality. Quick start at no cost. The site is very user-friendly. You gain followers very quickly, and it’s easy to become a PoshMark Ambassador.

I have already made a decent amount of money from this site. I was able to take and upload many pics in a relatively short period of time. My really good stuff went quick. Don't underprice your good stuff unless you need it to move fast.

Start Selling - PoshMark (affil. link)


Let things run with PoshMark Pro Tools

FREE dropship inventory at great prices given for those with a Wix site - $11/mo

📿 Retail Shop 📿

Sell Your Crafts

PoshMark (affil. link) is another great platform to work from at $0 to start.

More than just a fashion site. Hand-made items are in the plenty.

Etsy is a place to sell your hand-made crafts, fees apply.

Autoshare Tool - PoshMark Pro Tools (Desktop version $14.99/mo)

Not an autobot. Manually set to share your closet or find people to follow.

Send bulk discount offers at once. Easily stay engaged.

Shopify - $29/mo.

Wix - free to start w/ upgrades @ $11/mo

PicMonkey - Create coloring books

Craftsy - Easy tutorial

Rachel Harrison Sund - Create from scratch, free tools

Transcriber (Medical/ General)

Upwork to start applying for general transcription right away

GoTranscript (affil. link) - Earn up to $0.60/audio minute

Penn Foster for medical certificate

What skills do I need to transcribe?

Start general transcription training at LUSH DOLLAR.

Free info on how to get training before you start.

FREE - mini course beginner transcription w/ TranscribeAnywhere.


Penn Foster is a custom-built digital learning platform with affordable cost. Penn Foster is accredited by the DEAC (Distance Education Accrediting Commission) and Cognia.

They are offering more than 100 self-paced and career-relevant programs.

Start medical transcription training at PENN FOSTER.

Travel Agent

Get it right the first time, so you don't have to do the switching like I have. Learn from my mistakes. Get straight to what you need to know 🛳️🎢✈️⛱️

Compared between two agencies


Writer (Freelance)

Become a Writer ✒️

Watch video. Access to your own portfolio with a URL.

Create blog-style posts and build yourself up.

New profile sample - Thoughtful Pen

  • Must create posts from

  • Unable to share from personal blog

Post a Job or Search Writers

Free & Paid training provided

Business Links

BlueHost (affil. link)

Website host (not for Wix)

Canva (affil. link)

design logo free

Fiverr (affil. link)

for your business card & logo design.

Can also get hired but may earn very little.

For professional business cards, logos, market material, etc.

Free Accounting Software - Express Accounts

Keep your books.

Jobber (affil. link)

Tools to help your service business run smoothly.

Communication - Zoom & Telegram (affil. link) & Skype

Get connected.

Office Suite (free) - Open Office

Word, Excel, etc. easily convert to file format you need with ‘save-as’.

Continue to connect with me as I grow in my forever-long desire to write. Even newbies, like me, can do it. Come to find your niche in life and make your passion become your financial reality.

Back to the Blog!

Regularly updating and adding more as I go along. Posted positions & business opportunities are personally researched and verified legitimate. Many of this, I have done myself and continue to do so in my own WFH quest.

Thank you for exploring the Working Spectrum. There is much more to know.


Visit Working Spectrum to get access to training materials. Work at your own pace. Learn how to get started at no cost.


Feel free to contact me at any time for questions, concerns or issues.

🌻 Thank You & Happy Living 🌻



Positions listed are those that I have personally researched to verify legitimacy and realities and/or have done the work myself and earned money. None of this is get rich quick or MLM. There are some affiliate links that can help others, or I for overhead costs. No obligations, just information.

The work from home realm is a subject of great interest to many. Embark with helping others on their own journeys of working from home.

✨ Work from home business opportunities -- BE YOUR OWN BOSS


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