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Get Started w/ Transcription

Updated: Jul 11, 2023

Transcription - Excellent English grammar

Apply on Upwork & Freelancer (affil. link). If you are less experienced and don't have a profile built up, you may not make very much, at first. Work is available, and you can easily make money. Apply to 7-10+ daily until you gain multiple clients. Can form long-lasting relationships that are lucrative.

What do I need to transcribe?



Foot Pedal (optional)

SAMPLES - consider audiobook

Make your own samples for your portfolio.

Download an eBook and transcribe 3-5 mins.

Look for interviews & lectures or groups with Q/A.



Start general transcription training at LUSH DOLLAR.

Free info on how to get training before you start.

FREE - mini course beginner transcription w/ TranscribeAnywhere.

Earn HERE (affil. link) with GoTranscript

💰 DON'T TAKE LESS than $0.50 per audio minute, for general after fees, especially if experienced and even if you are a beginner. This should be for very clear audio, no accents, no time coding, etc. Rates go up for all of these things. Rush orders are of highest pay. Don't sell yourself short. Be knowledgeable. Have your templates and samples ready.

Employer should pay fees, mostly. You can apply your fees paid toward your deductions on taxes. Legit employers/companies should expect to properly compensate you and understand the time it takes. TAT should be 24hrs or less for great reviews. Always proofread before sending completed work. Legit companies that pay well expect very good work for their money.

Speed - Great importance. If you can type out 60 audio minutes per hour, and the rate is $0.50 per audio minute, you only make $30 and could take you 4-6 hours to complete. Typing 60+ wpm is best. Take the typing test. Set your templates.

Earning a minimum of $1.00 per audio minute is best and is only so much per hour depending on your speed and skill. Go for the rush jobs from legit companies and the time-coded video clips from the entertainment industry.

🔶 Make sure you only apply to employers who, at least, have their payment verified and may have even paid salaries. Beware of scammers

5th Ave, New York, NY

Apply online and wait. Personal 5-years' experience.

Pay is very good for the work. I worked both part-time and full-time.

💲 I pulled in about $1,000 a month just working part time.


Penn Foster is a custom-built digital learning platform with affordable cost. Penn Foster is accredited by the DEAC (Distance Education Accrediting Commission) and Cognia.

They are offering more than 100 self-paced and career-relevant programs.

Start medical transcription training at PENN FOSTER.

Business Op - Transcription services site

Can go very independent if you brand yourself with a website or blog and get yourself out there. Don't take less than about $0.75 per audio minute for very clear audio & no accent, no rush, no time coding, etc. List your business on ThumbTack and everywhere else. Very few professional services out there.

💲 Rates go up per $0.10 - $0.25, or more, per audio minute from there.

💲 Rush orders can be fixed rates or adjustable. You decide your rate increases.

💲 Do your math, and make sure your time is compensated.

You may see other services offering less, but the quality of the transcripts are not that good. I didn't take less than $0.75/audio minute and averaged $0.98 - $2.50/audio minute. I have ordered from TranscriptionPuppy (low quality) and have also worked with TranscribeMe, Rev and others. Don't waste your time or teach yourself that way.

Gain relationships with many different people through UpWork (view mine). I made the most with TranscriptDivas doing this for 7 years at home.

Become a top performer with your UpWork Profile, and the work offers will pour in. You can even earn enough to outsource the work (can be stressful).

Review good offers before you say you're too busy for new clients. They may be worth the outsource if you have a current project ending soon. Don't let the good ones go.

Domain Site

Start your own blog and earn money that makes part-time hours become your full-time income. Blog for fun or blog for funds.

I have found my favorite place, Wix, and you can start for $0 dollars. Everything is all in one place. You can upgrade for as little as $11/mo or pay by the year at $9/mo. The blog builder is very user-friendly and makes for little stress. Choose from many designs.

You may like the professional look of WordPress (affil. link). I have insane difficulty figuring that out even with all of the training to find. If it's a no-brainer for you, I'd start with BlueHost (affil. link) for as little as $2.75/mo for your 1st year for $36 total startup.

Of course, more money can easily be spent but is not completely necessary. I have tips and tricks to getting what you need with little or no money.

Upgrade now or later


Get Started -


The Blog Starter (affil. link) - Step-by-step instructions that get you running fast.

(not user-friendly)

Referrals help us network and connect and earn a bit of money that helps with the cost and management of our blog

Learn to blog successfully - Rocket Content Example


Digital Create/ Write - Example ✒️ Example

Retail/ product

Start at no cost with a free tutorial and book. Design coloring books (kids, adults) and write children’s books. Can choose to print and ship also. Share across digital platforms and shops.

Craftsy - Easy tutorial

PicMonkey - Create coloring books

Rachel Harrison Sund - Create from scratch, free tools

Shopify - $29/mo.

📿 Retail Shop 📿

Sell Your Crafts

PoshMark (affil. link) is another great platform to work from at $0 to start.

More than just a fashion site. Hand-made items are in the plenty.

Autoshare Tool - PoshMark Pro Tools (Desktop version $14.99/mo)

Not an autobot. Manually set to share your closet or find people to follow.

Send bulk discount offers at once. Easily stay engaged.

Etsy is a place to sell your hand-made crafts, fees apply.

(free) Facebook Marketplace & Groups (rules apply)

DropShip with Wix

Writer (Freelance)

Become a Writer ✒️

Free & Paid training provided

Watch video. Access to your own portfolio with a URL. Create blog-style posts and build yourself up. New profile sample - Thoughtful Pen

  • Must create posts from

  • Unable to share from personal blog

Post a Job or Search Writers

Business Links

Canva (affil. link)

design logo free

Fiverr (affil. link)

for your business card & logo design.

Can also get hired but may earn very little.

For professional business cards, logos, market material, etc.

Free Accounting Software - Express Accounts

Keep your books.

Communication - Zoom & Telegram (affil. link) & Skype

Get connected.

Office Suite (free) - Open Office

Word, Excel, etc. easily convert to file format you need with ‘save-as’.

Free fair-use pics


Continue to connect with me as I grow in my forever-long desire to write. Even newbies, like me, can do it. Come to find your niche in life and make your passion become your financial reality.

Back to the Blog!

Regularly updating and adding more as I go along. Posted positions & business opportunities are personally researched and verified legitimate. Many of this, I have done myself and continue to do so in my own WFH quest.

Thank you for exploring the Working Spectrum. There is much more to know.


Visit Working Spectrum to get access to training materials. Work at your own pace. Learn how to get started at no cost.


Feel free to contact me at any time for questions, concerns or issues.

🌻 Thank You & Happy Living 🌻


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