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Get Started w/ Digital Imaging

Updated: Jul 4, 2023

Digital Imaging (freelance)

Take your professional-looking photos and upload them allowing for fair-use for a small, medium or large fee. This can be a side hustle or a full-time career in photography in many ways.

To sell digital photos online, you need to

  • Choose the photos you want to sell and decide how to deliver them (digital files, physical prints, subscriptions, etc.)

  • Create your own website or use a platform that allows you to sell your photos online, such as Adobe Stock, Shutterstock, Foap, Alamy, iStock Photo, Stocksy, or Getty Images.

  • Optimize your website or profile for search engines and social media, using keywords, tags, descriptions, and hashtags.

  • Set up back-end processes for inventory, payments, and orders.

  • Promote your images and attract customers.

HOW-TO (free)

Create on Canva (affil. link) & upload to Pixabay

Upload for free, fair use for free downloads. Accept donations & affiliate earnings.

Fiverr - Start Here (affil. link) - market yourself for hire. No startup fee.

HOW-TO (paid)

Create account & upload

iStock - $29/mo. - Top $ for images

Work With Us | Getty Images - view fees, get top $ for images.

(takes a while for images to be approved or denied)

ShutterStock - Free trial - $29/mo. - Top $ for images.



Extra Opportunity

Creative Design - Example 🖍✒️🖍 Example

Start at no cost with a free tutorial and book. Design coloring books (kids, adults) and write children’s books. Can choose to print and ship also. Share across digital platforms and shops.

Start Training - Scroll to ‘Sell Crafts’


Join Working Spectrum to get access to training materials. Work at your own pace. Learn how to get started at no cost.


Feel free to contact me at any time for questions, concerns or issues.

🌻 Thank You & Happy Living 🌻


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