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Get Started as a Customer Service/ Call Agent

Updated: Jul 7, 2023

W-2 Call Agent/ Customer service - hourly

Onsite Dial America (refer ID - Toni Mansbridge)

Inbound customer service representative

Top training processes in the call center industry

Outsourced call center performances are characterized as impersonal, mechanical, and generic and aren’t part of our DNA. Our agents undergo a thorough training process that empowers them to remain agile, adapt to unique customer issues, and establish a human connection with the customer. This includes the art of “conscious conversations,” a technique for engaging customers in a natural dialog.

Locations - Can lead to WFH

🌎 Athens, GA, Jacksonville, FL, Ocala, FL, Orlando, FL, Port Richey, FL, Oakbrook, IL, Indianapolis, IN, Omaha, NE, Mahwah, NJ, Fairlawn, OH, Middleburg Heights, OH, Erie, PA, North Charleston, SC, Gray, TN, Knoxville, TN, El Paso, TX 🌎

Check your area

Dial America

I am a former employee. I loved it. My knee disabled me leaving me at home. I can start back with training July 31st, 2023 for the program of my choice. I averaged $13 - $15/hr plus bonuses. They licensed me for accident & health insurance. I recommend them.

Other onsite & WFH hourly positions, freelance

UpWork - WFH

Call Agent (Virtual) (iffy)

Virtual Customer Service Agent

Healthcare, Roadside Assistance, Cruises, Taxes, Utility, Fashion/ Jewelry

Pay $30 for background check once you decide which client to serve.

(may have to pay for multiple background checks)

No experience needed. Schedule onboarding meeting.

Virtual Customer Service Agent

Support work, Sales/ orders, Claims, Customer service

Pay one-time $24.99 background check and gain access to all positions.

Check requirements. Keep checking for open positions.

  • Must do video training and continue training while waiting for new opportunities.

  • May have limited offers with many looking to apply.

(awaiting 1st zoom meeting) (Mondays)

Was contacted through Indeed and offered in a message

❓ Unknown about this


Digital Design/ Write - Example 🖍✒️🖍 Example

Retail/ product

Start at no cost with a free tutorial and book. Design coloring books (kids, adults) and/or write children’s books. Can choose to print and ship also. Sell across digital platforms and shops.

PicMonkey - Create coloring books

Craftsy - Easy tutorial

Rachel Harrison Sund - Create from scratch, free tools

To sell digital photos online, you need to

  • Choose the photos you want to sell and decide how to deliver them (digital files, physical prints, subscriptions, etc.)

  • Create your own website or use a platform that allows you to sell your photos online, such as Adobe Stock, Shutterstock, Foap, Alamy, iStock Photo, Stocksy, or Getty Images.

  • Optimize your website or profile for search engines and social media, using keywords, tags, descriptions, and hashtags.

  • Set up back-end processes for inventory, payments, and orders.

  • Promote your images and attract customers.

HOW-TO (free)

Create on Canva (affil. link) & upload to Pixabay

Upload for free, fair use for free downloads. Accept donations & affiliate earnings

Fiverr - Start Here (affil. link) - market yourself for hire. No startup fee.

HOW-TO (paid)

Create account & upload

iStock - $29/mo - Top $$ for images

Work With Us | Getty Images - view fees, get top $$ for images

(takes a while for images to be approved or denied)

ShutterStock - Free trial - $29/mo - Top $$ for images

Travel Agent

Get it right the first time, so you don't have to do the switching like I have. Learn from my mistakes. Get straight to what you need to know. ✈️🎢️🛳️⛱️

Read on your own time. Compared between two agencies. Get started.

What do I know?

🌴 Earn to book travel, find your specialty. Earn travel perks. 🌴

Options with suppliers are endless with hotel/resorts, cruises, all-inclusive luxury, theme parks and more! Bast yourself out there on social media with auto-posts created on behalf of your suppliers - Norwegian Cruise Line

🌻 Travel Blogger 🌻

Start your own blog and earn money that makes part-time hours become your full-time income. Blog for fun or blog for funds.

I have found my favorite place, Wix, and you can start for $0 dollars. Everything is all in one place. You can upgrade for as little as $11/mo or pay by the year at $9/mo. The blog builder is very user-friendly and makes for little stress. Choose from many designs.

You may like the professional look of WordPress (affil. link). I have insane difficulty figuring that out even with all of the training to find. If it's a no-brainer for you, I'd start with BlueHost (affil. link) for as little as $2.75/mo for your 1st year for $36 total startup.

Of course, more money can easily be spent but is not completely necessary. I have tips and tricks to getting what you need with little or no money.

Upgrade now or later

Get Started -

Tutorial Playlist - YouTube

The Blog Starter - Step-by-step instructions that get you running fast.

💰 Referrals help us network and connect and earn a bit of money that helps with the cost and management of our blogs 💰

Learn to blog successfully - Rocket Content Example

Writer (Freelance)

Become a Writer ✒️

Post a Job or Search Writers

Free & Paid training provided

Business Links

Canva (affil. link)

design logo free

Fiverr (affil. link)

for your business card & logo design.

Can also get hired but may earn very little.

For professional business cards, logos, market material, etc.

Free Accounting Software - Express Accounts

Keep your books.

Communication - Zoom & Telegram (affil. link) & Skype

Get connected.

Office Suite (free) - Open Office

Word, Excel, etc. easily convert to file format you need with ‘save-as’.

Free fair-use pics


Continue to connect as Working Spectrum grows in my forever-long desire to write. Even newbies, like me, can do it. Come to find your niche in life and make your passion become your financial reality.

Back to the Blog!

Regularly updating and adding more. Posted positions & business opportunities are personally researched and verified legitimate. Many of this, I have done myself and continue to do so in my own WFH quest.

Thank you for exploring the Working Spectrum. There is much more to know.


Visit Working Spectrum to get access to training materials. Work at your own pace. Learn how to get started at no cost.


Feel free to contact me at any time for questions, concerns or issues.

🌻 Thank You & Happy Living 🌻



Positions listed are those that I have personally researched to verify legitimacy and realities and/or have done the work myself and earned money. None of this is get rich quick or MLM. There are some affiliate links that can help others, or I for overhead costs. No obligations, just information.

The work from home realm is a subject of great interest to many. Embark with helping others on their own journeys of working from home.

✨ Work from home business opportunities - BE YOUR OWN BOSS


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