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Virtual Bookkeeper (Remote)

Updated: Apr 29

BELAY - Bookkeeper

Compensation $20.00 - $25.00/hour

Job Description

Most people don’t love spreadsheets – but some do. Is that you? Because our Virtual Bookkeepers equip our clients with clear, simple, and updated financial information. 

Level with us: Have you ever provided financials so good a CPA shed a tear? Want to enjoy the flexibility of working from home with the leading virtual contractor provider in the United States?

Look no further! You just found the career you never thought existed.

You can have a meaningful career working from home while being present and available for loved ones, too. And it starts with BELAY.


Entrepreneur Magazine ranked BELAY #1 for ’Best Culture for Small-Sized Companies’ and the ‘Top Company Culture for a Small Business’ awards for having a productive and high-performance culture.

BELAY was also recognized by Inc. Magazine as one the ‘Fastest Growing Companies’ in the United States.

But wait – that’s not all!

BELAY also received the 'When Work Works' award from the Society of Human Resource Management, recognizing companies that offer effective and flexible workplace strategies, empowering their organization to rise above the competition.

And we’re not through yet!

As an Atlanta-based business, The Atlanta Business Chronicle named BELAY one of the ‘Best Places to Work.’


  • A remote position where you serve as your client's indispensable partner?

  • An opportunity to use your talents and skills to build your client's success?

  • A community of contractors to share ideas and best practices?

  • Regular support and guidance from your BELAY team?


  • We manage collecting payment and invoicing on your behalf, saving you the administrative hassle.

  • Access to our contractor benefits partner for affordable health and financial service options.

  • Access to our job board network in a variety of industries.

  • Access our Contractor Community for free templates, upskilling opportunities, webinars, and more.

  • 100% Remote.

  • You decide how many clients/monthly hours you want to take on.

  • Personalized Support- every engagement comes with a dedicated success consultant to help you along the way.

Job Duties:

  • Pay Client's Bills on a Weekly Basis

  • Bank Statement Reconciliation

  • Budget Management

  • Cash Flow Management

  • Journal and Data Entry (Coding)

  • Provide Clients with Weekly & Monthly Reports

  • Weekly/Monthly Balance Sheet (Statement of Financial Position)

  • Weekly/Monthly P&L (Income Statement)

  • Weekly/Monthly Budget vs. Actual

  • Other Custom Reports (as required)

  • Maintain and Manage Chart of Accounts

  • Debit/Credit Cards Reconciliation

  • 1099 Preparation

  • Process payroll: including set-up, scheduling, and frequency

  • Sales Tax Filing

  • E-Commerce Support

Required Experience:

  • Bachelors (preferred but not required) in Business, Accounting, Finance or related field

  • Experience in accounting and/or bookkeeping

  • Payroll Experience

  • In-depth understanding of Accounting Software (Quickbooks Online preferred)

Tools Needed:

  • Home office setup

  • Computer with webcam

  • Smartphone with email capabilities and push notifications

  • High-speed Internet Access

  • BELAY is looking for qualified bookkeepers to provide bookkeeping services to our clients. Being contracted with BELAY gives you access to an exclusive job board network in a diverse range of industries. You will have the flexibility to apply for engagements that align with your expertise and interests. If contracted, you will have access to our supportive and collaborative BELAY Contractor Community. This application is to join the network, but you will need to apply for jobs on the job board if you are hired as part of our network. This is a 1099 Independent Contractor role working remotely from your home office. Your hours are flexible, however, you must have availability during normal business hours as this role does not work in conjunction with another full-time office position.

In addition to the following job duties, qualified candidates must be responsive, customer-focused, great communicators, team players, and able to multi-task. All of the duties performed are done remotely, so candidates must be comfortable on the phone and with using web conferencing applications such as Zoom. Candidates must also be able to clearly communicate via email, text, etc. in a timely, professional fashion.

Thank you for your interest in BELAY, please note that all applicants will be subject to reference checks and a background check prior to an offer of a contract being issued. Additionally, BELAY participates in E-Verify.


We are looking for an experienced Social Media Marketing Specialist who is well-versed in reaching out to potential leads/influencers/Instagram accounts for business growth and who is familiar with account scouting.

You will alleviate our client's day-to-day work by:

  • Scout for models on Instagram

  • Must be very good with Instagram and navigating it

  • Check out / reach out to high schools and colleges on Insta for potential models

  • Engage audience

  • Upload screenshots to Dropbox

Duties and Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  1. Monitoring contracts and agreements with vendors, consultants, banks, tenants, contractors, municipalities, etc.

  2. Oversee/Create monthly management reports.

  3. Maintain strict confidentiality of company books and records.

  4. Process accounts receivables and payables.

  5. Prepare balance sheets.

  6. Organize financial statements.

  7. & more.

Duties and Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

1. Store and organize documents and files.

2. Data Entry: prepare lead lists or meeting minutes, transcribe audio recordings, prepare payroll information, and organize research notes.

3. Research products, purchase goods & secure samples.

4. Store, update & collect information for marketing and sales campaigns through a CRM system.

5. Create and send statements or invoices, track payments, and record company expenses.

Great Assistant (8 VA positions)


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